Solo Entries
On the race day you register, collect your number and timing fob.
Set up your own zone in the Solo Camp Area, here you can set up any additional kit, food, drinks etc you may need for the duration of your run.
Attend the race brief 15 mins before the start of the race.
  • When the race starts so does your timing.
  • At the end of each lap tap your wristband at the console to register each lap, keep to the first 3 lanes of the track.
  • If you chose to have a break, you tap your wristband at the start of the transition area keeping to the outer 3 lanes of the track and enter transition where you can then make your way to your camp/toilet etc
  • When you want to rejoin your race leave transition via the exit and tap your wristband this will restart timing
  • At the end of the race your timing will automatically stop
Team Entries
On the race day you all register and receive your race numbers and timing chips. 
At this point you state who is the first person/persons doing the first lap, to the race to our officials.
Set up the your zone in the Team Camp Area.
Attend the race briefing 15 mins before the start of the race.
There are a number of ways you can run this race as a team
ALTERNATE LAPS – You can run the laps individually and change team mates in the transition area IE a team of three runner 1 does lap 1 and hands over to runner 2 for lap 2 and hands over to runner three for lap 3 lap 4 can be done by either runner 1 or 2 and you can keep changing runner per lap. Timing starts when the race starts, as you finish a lap you head to transition and tap your wristband on entry, tag your team mate they tap their wristband on the way out.
MULTIPLE RUNNERS PER LAP – Timing starts at the start of the race for the runners that you have stated will start for you with our officials. The other members of your team wait in the Team Camp Area and they can join the race at any time after the race has started by entering transition and swiping their wristband on the exit console, this will start their timing.
If you are continuously running at the end of the lap you keep to the 3 inside lanes and tap the wristband and keep running, if you want to stop for a rest/toilet etc you head into the transition area, tap your wristband on the entrance and YOUR timing will stop, the remaining team members timing will continue, when you want to re enter the race exit transition and tap your wristband to restart your timing. 
You can all stop together and re enter the race together making sure you use the consoles to tap in and out of transition individually. 
The aim is to log as many laps as you can in the time you have entered we automatically stop the timing at the end of each session 2/4 and 6 hours and only completed laps will be counted.
  • FREE event t shirt
  • BESPOKE event medal
  • AMAZING calf guards for the first 30 entries
  • TRAINING Plan to help guide you
  • WEEKLY Workout to accompany your run training
  • FUEL station with water, bananas, flapjacks to keep you fuelled up and hydrated 
Can I change my entry on the day

You can move down a timing category on the day but cant move up.

What happens if a team member drops out?

If you give us more than 5 days notice we can transfer the entry onto someone else if its less than 5 days you have to race the race with the remaining members of your team.

On-Site facilities
  • FREE parking
  • FUEL station for all competitors
  • Toilets
  • Food & Drink available to purchase for all competitors and supporters
  • Music from our PA system
Runners Station

Included in your race entry fee is our FUELStation for all competitors which will be be located by the transition area includes:

  • Water
  • Bananas
  • Flapjacks
  • Sweets